My musician friend Brandon (Draw Japan) experimenting with recording the sounds underneath a highway. The sounds didn’t make it on any songs yet, but check out his amazing mixtape. I’m featured on the final track

Draw Japan is blowing up! (minorly)


Crystal Castles - “Kerosene” (Draw Japan Remix)

IV/XXX mixtape

Austra - “Home” (Draw Japan Remix)


Tearist - “Civilization” (Draw Japan Remix)

Title: Voyager Artist: (G(O)D) 19 plays


(G(O)D) - “Voyager” (demo)

New (G(O)D) track.


Our debut album, †(G(O)D)† is now being physically released by Kitty on Fire Records. Get it while it’s still in print!

Go support my friend and I’s band!

Going to start working on a mixtape, and I’m aiming for a handful of original tracks and a bunch of remixes of other artists, maybe even a mashup. Gonna be cool.